Why choose water-saving devices?

You can install our aerators and shower heads quickly in any household and save water easily.

Quick return
on investment

Replacing your shower head and tap aerators with new, water-saving ones will bring you a return on investment after a few months of use.

of usage

Our devices not only save, but also improve the comfort of washing and using running water.


When buying our products you help protect the natural environment. You support conscious and efficient management of natural resources.

Reviews of our products

66 reviews

This shower head increases the water pressure & saves water. The product is well made, compact and easy to clean. I've bought two of these and would buy again. Fast and efficient service from Savinga


Excellent product; works as advertised. It takes a little time to get used to, but it saves water.


Fits perfectly, just tighten with a cloth and it is ready to go. The swivel allows to ease the dishwashing and cleaning of the sink.

Excellent product

I have received my order late but that was due to mail box of UK even though SAVINGA.CO customers service was cooperated all the time through E-mail until I received my package so I appreciate him

Abdullah AL.Ramadhan

Excellent product, very happy with purchase, will buy more for the family. Thank You :)


Excellent product and very fast delivery - bought to replace nozzle on brand new tap that was dribbling and works really well also excellent quality so should last a long time.

David Hilton

Great .... made my kitchen tap usable once again having replaced the one that squirts water everywhere.... even after descaling. New one works a treat.


Excellent. Makes any installation easier; it took only a few seconds to uninstall the old aerators and install the new ones.


You can save up to so many litres of water without effort

Statistically, every one of us uses on average 150 litres of water per day. By using water-saving devices you can reduce water consumption by up to 60%.

This means as much as 32,000 litres less per household member per year! A family of four will save on water bills up to £300 per year.