How to choose the right thread

The choice of the right thread

In the case of products for washbasins or for kitchen and bathtub taps, it is necessary to determine which thread is needed.

Measuring the thread size is very easy and does not require any special tools. Even if you choose the wrong thread, remember that products purchased in our store can be returned or exchanged without any problem.

In order to determine with absolute certainty which thread you need, use our thread measurement user guide (click here).

For products which are available with an M24x1 thread only, you will need to buy thread adapter, to obtain the M22x1 thread size.


Shower tap

You don't have to choose a thread for shower products - there is one standard over the world - 1/2 inch.

Bathroom washbasin and kitchen tap

For 99% basin and kitchen taps one of the 2 threads will fit:

- M24x1 - male
- M22x1 - female

Bathtub tap

For bathtub tap one of the 2 threads will fit:

- M24x1 - male
- M28x1 - male