How does it work

The purpose of our aerators and shower heads is to reduce the flow of water whlie maitainging the comfort of tap usage. Good quality products reduce water consumption, and thus resulting in a substantial reduction of your cold water bills, water heating bills and sewege disposal costs.


Water consumption can be reduced by


1. Increasing the air content in the water flow

Thanks to this process, the flow keeps its volume, but contains less water. The effect is produced by the use of aerators with a needle spray or an aerated flow.


2. A reduction of the maximum water flow rate

This method of saving is used for both aerators and showerheads. The maximum water flow rate becomes reduced to such as is necessary for comfortable use. The following videos clearly demonstrate the difference between conventional and water-saving fixtures:



3. Increasing the force of the water flow by means of a jet

The principle of jet aeration is solely used for water-saving showerheads. This method enables to obtain a stronger flow than in conventional showerheads at a very low water flow rate. The following video demonstrates the difference between conventional and water-saving showerheads:



What makes the difference between our aerators and others?

Factory fitted aerators most often aerate water, but our aerators additionally reduce the maximum water flow rate (e.g. up to 2.5 l per minute, even by the full open position of the handles). Thanks to this, our products are even more water-efficient than aerators fitted in costly taps.

The showerheads in our range work in a quite different way from conventional showerheads. They use the principle of jet aeration, which allows for a strong flow at a low water flow rate. Our showerheads have a lower water flow rate and a stronger flow than conventional ones.