Fixed shower head EcoVand Proline Saver 6.0 l/min

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  • saves up to 62% water maintaining comfort of usage
  • rubber outlets make it very easy to clean from limescale
  • maximum flow rate 6.0 l/min even at high water pressure
  • 5 types of stream (Champagne, Eco Normal, Jet spray, Mist, Normal)
  • dimensions: 125x100 mm (D. x H.)
  • highest quality
  • 24 months warranty

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Data sheet

Efficiency gradeA
Savings62% compared to a standard fixed shower head
Maximum water flow6.0 litres per minute even at high water pressure
Dimensions125x100 mm (D. x H.)
Lime scale resistancetotal
Number of functions5 types of stream

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How does it work?

This fixed shower head has a built-in reducer, which reduces the water flow. At the same time outlets of the fixed shower head are adapted to a low flow of water. As a result you gain an optimum strength of the stream. While saving water you also maintain full bathing comfort.

How much can I save?

Our clients claim, that after installation our water saving products in showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, water consumption drops by 30% - 60%. For a 4 member family considering the average water prices, it is about

190 - 380 £ annually!

How is it possible? You pay less for cold water, its heating and sewage disposal. That is triple the savings on each liter of water!


EcoVand is a perfect combination of interesting water-saving solutions and favorable price. Thanks to the diversity of the brand products you can obtain maximum savings at home. Aesthetics, comfort of usage and the highest quality are the hallmarks of this company´s water-saving devices.


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