Neoperl Push tap aerator insert with button - 5 l/min or 11 l/min

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  • saves up to 50% water maintaining comfort of usage
  • two flow rates in one – water saving (5 l/min) and high water flow (11 l/min)
  • a simple push mechanism allows to switch easily between two flow rates
  • quickly fills pots and saves water during washing the dishes
  • ideal for the kitchen or any other basin where occasionally a high water flow is needed
  • soft, aerated stream
  • high resistance to scaling
  • product entirely made of lightweight plastic; ensures resistance to rust
  • this insert is 100% compatible with any standard/regular-size housing (M24x1 and M22x1)
  • two types seals included
  • highest quality

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Data sheet

Efficiency gradeA
Savings50% compared to a standard aerator
Maximum water flow5.0 litres per minute even at high water pressure
Lime scale resistancevery high

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How does it work?

This aerator reduces the water flow and aerates the stream. You consume less water, while normal volume of stream guarantees your full comfort. Installation is very easy, you simply unscrew the old aerator and screw in a new one.

How much can I save?

Our clients claim, that after installation our water saving products in showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, water consumption drops by 30% - 60%. For a 4 member family considering the average water prices, it is about

190 - 380 £ annually!

How is it possible? You pay less for cold water, its heating and sewage disposal. That is triple the savings on each liter of water!


Neoperl is a German company known for its quality. Neoperl aerators show great resistance to lime scale. The inner core of aerator does not have a metal strainer, so they simply do not rust. Neoperl products are manufactured in Europe and undergo rigorous quality tests. Neoperl offers the broadest range of aerators with different flows.

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