Adjustable tap aerator Hihippo R 1.8 - 8.0 l/min

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  • saves up to 84% water maintaining comfort of usage
  • most popular M24x1 thread
  • flow regulated in range 1.8 - 8.0 l/min regardless of water pressure
  • adjustable by a small screw, fail-safe mechanism
  • needle stream
  • high resistance to scaling
  • plastic cartridge provides resistance to corrosion
  • ideal for bathroom faucet
  • highest quality
  • 24 months warranty
  • the best solution for instalations with tankless water heater

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Data sheet

Efficiency gradeA+
Savings84% compared to a standard aerator
Maximum water flow1.8 - 8.0 litres per minute
Dimensions24x24x16 mm (D. x W. x H.)
Lime scale resistancehigh
Special functionsflow regulation

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How does it work?

This aerator has a needle stream. It reduces the water flow and spreads the stream pressure on single streamlets. Due to this the stream has a very high strength of rinsing, while you maintain full comfort of usage. Installation is very easy, you simply unscrew the old aerator and screw in a new one.

How much can I save?

Our clients claim, that after installation our water saving products in showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, water consumption drops by 30% - 60%. For a 4 member family considering the average water prices, it is about

190 - 380 £ annually!

How is it possible? You pay less for cold water, its heating and sewage disposal. That is triple the savings on each liter of water!


Hihippo is a company offering innovative solutions and best prices. Hihippo aerators don´t have a metal strainer, so they don´t rust. Hihippo offers a variety of interesting features such as: start/stop button or inline flow regulation.

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Reviews (3)

By Rajaraja on 02/23/2017
Text: Good Product but a Little Expensive
By KK on 11/01/2016
Text: Easy installation and well made.
By ThomasH on 10/04/2016
Text: Great product, water flow rate adjustment is great to have.

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